Day: October 6, 2017

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How to Build Greater Brand Awareness

If your organization is looking for ways to build greater brand awareness without having to allocate vast sums of money, you should consider using social media platforms. YouTube is used by millions of people as a replacement for television so it would be prudent to consider posting videos on YouTube that talk about your organization. This is not paid advertising on YouTube but creating your very own YouTube Channel that is dedicated to informing the public about your company and what you have to offer.

In order to reach your full potential, something that you should do is develop a content creation strategy and dedicate funds to buy YouTube views. When you are starting out, it can be difficult to gain traction so allocating money to purchase YouTube views will help kickstart things.

Importance of Having a Plan

You need to begin planning your content curation and video uploading schedule. It is not enough to simply upload a video and hope it will succeed, you need to plan things out. Start by addressing the question about what aspect of your organization you want to highlight, when building brand awareness it helps to pick a quality or benefit of your business and focus on that.

Once you have established the primary focus of the videos, you need to write a script and determine whether you are going to use professional grade production or keep things casual. Each approach has its own respective pros and cons that you will need to review prior to making a decision on how to proceed.

Building Momentum

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After you have developed your plan and uploaded a video to your YouTube Channel, you have to buy YouTube views as soon as possible to create a “buzz” around the video. YouTube uses sophisticated software to rank videos and the more views your video gets in the first day or so will play a pivotal role on how it will rank. You want your videos to appear in the trending tab so there are millions of potential customers who are made aware of your organization and what you have to offer.

Along with using these YouTube views to maximize your positioning on the search engines, it would also be prudent to have multiple calls to action built into your script. You should encourage the viewers to subscribe to your YouTube Channel so they will be made aware of your latest video uploads. Another key call to action to include is asking the viewer to visit your website. These two calls to action can be augmented by offering the viewer a coupon code of some type to encourage them to make a purchase. By following this approach you are going to make more people aware of your brand which should lead to more sales when the prospective customer is in the market for whatever it is you are offering. The primary step is to start coming up with great quality content and uploading it on a regular basis, if you follow that rule you should have no challenges building brand awareness.